Old Tooth Bonding BeforeOld Tooth Bonding After
1a old tooth colored bonding. 1b gingival recontouring and porcelain veneer
Worn And Stained Teeth BeforeWorn And Stained Teeth After
2a worn stained teeth. 2b full porcelain crowns and veneers
Missing And Misshapen Teeth BeforeMissing And Misshapen Teeth After
3a missing front tooth and mis-shaped teeth. 3b implant and porcelain veneers
Missing Teeth BeforeMissing Teeth After
4a missing upper teeth 4b upper denture
Upper Denture Implant BeforeUpper Denture Implant After
5a/5b upper denture and implants
6a chipped lower front tooth. 6b tooth colored bonding
Misshaped Bridge BeforeMisshaped Bridge After
7a old misshaped bridge. 7b new porcelain bridge
Full Mouth Rehabilitation AfterFull Mouth Rehabilitation Before
8a multiple missing and broken teeth. 8b full mouth porcelain crowns, bridges, and partial denture
Porcelain Crowns BeforePorcelain Crowns After
9a chipped and worn front teeth. 9b full porcelain crowns
Dental Veneers BeforeDental Veneers After
10a worn, discolored teeth. 10b porcelain veneers